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Tramontana sailing

Enjoy a thermal breeze in the morning – why not?

From 8:30 to 12:00 you can hire a surprise for only CHF 100 or with the 1 / 2Tax member card for only CHF 50 !! Come on, let’s start with the Tramontana!

PS1: If you want to leave at 8:30 must notify us the day before, otherwise we will be open from 9:00.

PS2: The Tramontana varies from day to day, I recommend to consult a site like Windfinder to be more sure on wind conditions.

1/2 TAX Membercard

With the 1/2 tax membercard, you pay a seasonal fee of CHF 400 (in the first year CHF 450) and receive a 50% discount on the sailing boat rental prices.

the subscription expires always at the end of the current season and can only be used by one’s life partner or children.

We wish everyone good wind and fun on our lake!

Excursions on a sailboat for small groups

Sailing day - open boat - also for singles

Sign up for a full day of sailing experience in a small groups of 3-4 people. You can also register as a single person. Depending on the interests of the participants, the days can be focused mainly in 3 variations:
– Chill version: participants approach in a soft and playful way to boating and sailing. Everyone can participate actively but there will be plenty of space for relaxation too. For lunch you can decide to moor to the islands of Brissago, or to the Crodolo Palm Beach Club of Porto Ronco, or maybe to a cosy fish restaurant in Brissago called Osteria Boato. In the afternoon we will continue sail, maybe with a swim break, so you will be able to really understand how it is to spend a full boating on lake Maggiore.
– Study version: the participants usually already know the basics and want to train for the examination maneuvers. The day will be more structured, with different teachings that can be offered even in the absence of wind (like mooring the boat, knots, reefing a sail, etc.).
– Spi or regatta course version: similar to the other variations, you will spend the day on the boat, training with the spinnaker or gennaker or maybe even participating in a regatta. Packed lunch or restaurant. 

Pricing: CHF 150 per person (minimum 3 people).

The school boat: the group can choose from 3 different boat types: Surprise, J80 or Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 30.

Special offers