Joker Coaster 515

Comes with

  • 1 ancho.
  • Safety equipment incl. life jackets for kids if required.

Joker - our working tender

The boat is mainly used for the shuttle service to our boats. If it is available, you can rent it with a skipper for small transport of people or goods.

Pricing - skipper included

one way shuttle Asconautica>Brissago islands or Brissago islands>Asconautica CHF 50 (Max 6 passengers. Lasting about 7-10 min.)

1 hour CHF 120 gas included (can’t book in advance)

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  • Non swimmers have the obligation to wear a life jacket.
  • Personal belongings are not covered.

Frequently asked questions:

Keep a distance of 150m to the shores. You can get to the shore only if you want to dock the boat by keeping a angle of 90° to the shores and a maximum speed of 10km/h.

Since damage occurs frequently during landing maneuvers, we recommend only the most trained skippers to land. During the briefing, however, we will show you on a map various possibilities of simple docking. If you book a skipper, you can relax, he will be happy to show you the best sights and bring you to the best restaurants. It is possible to visit a island or maybe a italian market, or stop on a beach for a swimmbreak.

To get to the Borromee islands, you need about 1 1/4 hour. So in one hour you get about to Verbania.

There is a public parking next to asconautica, you can also find a parking garage at the local store Migros (about 5 min walk). As a alternativ you could go get free parking at the bagno pubblico (about 8 min walk).

Rental contract in PDF format

Pleas open fill it out, and send it to us. Thanks.

Joker Coaster 515